Imagine a day when your pain is gone and your life is back.

Developed by Mark Belt, MD, a board certified Emergency Physician, Dr Belt’s Back Fix works putting your back and neck in the correct posture. As we age, we tend to lose the posture of youth and the neck- & lower-back curve assume an unnatural shape. Once the correct posture is regained, the muscles, nerves, ligaments and spine are able to function properly. While sleeping or sitting Dr Belt’s Back Fix trains your muscles to fix your posture and fix your pain. After using Dr Belt’s Back Fix, you will find yourself still and active in the correct anatomic position.

Lying on Back

Dr. Belt’s Back Fix improves sleep posture on your back, which relieves the pressure on your spine and back muscles. The effect lasts all day and after a couple of weeks, your pain is reduced dramatically

Lying on Side

Dr. Belt’s Back Fix also improves your sleep posture on your side.